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Helping you take the stress out of buying property.

Are you overwhelmed and confused about the property market, the buying process, who to speak to, or all of the above? We hear you.  

Buying property, especially for first-timers, can be very intimidating! Therefore, having a buddy in the property industry supporting you from beginning to the end of the process can ease a lot of worry.  No matter how busy you are or the level of experience you have in investing in property, we believe that anyone interested in building a property portfolio should do so comfortably and confidently.

We aim to take the stress out of the research and having to deal with multiple agents and advisors all at once. We also provide you with current knowledge of the market, inform you of the potential risks and strategies for minimising impact or occurrence of these risks. We love property so we go to all lengths to find the best new projects around based on our selection criteria and methodology

Our experienced Property Consultants can assist with:

The Buying process

Property research and data

Provide strategic solutions to achieve your buying goals

Contract negotiations

Source new properties in specific locations

Introduce suitable financiers for the home loan or investment loan

Introduce suitable rental managers to manage your investment property or to source a rental property

Introduce suitable solicitors to provide legal advice and conveyancing services on your purchase

Representing your brand the right way: with passion, professionalism & agility.

Our project marketing team does justice to each project by demonstrating the essence of the project and its value. As an extension of the project’s brand, we create experiences that capture and engage the ideal target market so that they buy with ease and confidence.

How do we market your project?

Engage with our existing network and relationships

Create new experiences and interactions with your brand and/or project

Host face-to-face events to communicate the essence of your brand and/or project

Through unique and engaging online content

Tailored solutions specific to your project


Here are our points of difference:

We are on the frontline. Dealing directly with buyers means we know what they want, where they are looking and what is important to them.

We are local and Brisbane is our home town. Our people know Brisbane inside out and clients often come to us as a credible source of information about Brisbane suburbs and the market generally.

We focus on brand new properties. We go the extra mile to educate and build long-term relationships with our buyers. Approximately 40% of our sales are repeat purchasers.

We are boutique and personable. Clients trust that the projects we take on are quality ones that are worthwhile to consider.

Our clientele is an even mix of local and overseas buyers. Off-market sales- we have an active network of introducers in related industries e.g. brokers, lawyers, accountants, and education agents.


Love coming home.

As developers, we are accountable to the communities we are a part of so will strive to create homes that adds value to the local area, business and residents. We see it as our responsibility to deliver projects that enhances the streetscape, creates a positive vibe and something the community can be proud of.

We focus on Brisbane residential house and land developments, specifically in highly sought-after suburbs that are surrounded by mature infrastructure and amenities. We like to tailor our offerings specifically to suit your needs so that you will love coming home everyday.

If you have any specific needs and would like us to assist, complete a property request and we will get in touch.

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