Life Events

Property is an integrated part of your life journey so we make sure that your purchase works for you and brings you closer to your goals.

First Job

Life after graduation is exciting and full of possibilities. You may be considering what career to pursue, whether to take a gap year to travel or already landed your first full time job in your professional industry. Having a job also means you now have borrowing power and this is an essential first step to reaching the goal of purchasing your first property.


  • Start a savings plan early and put timeframes in place. Work backwards from your end goal.
  • Be realistic about your savings plan and aim for milestones to keep yourself motivated and on track.
  • Prioritise spendings.
  • You may not be able to afford to buy where you want to live right now so consider ‘rentvesting’: renting where you want to live and buying an investment property that’s more affordable (perhaps further away in up-and-coming suburbs).

Getting Married

Congratulations on finding your significant other to start a new life together!!  From the wedding and the honeymoon, to embracing new family members and perhaps even starting a family of your own, this stage of life is a big deal. There’s lots to plan and consider, including planning for your family home.


  • Work out what is the most important to you and your partner in terms of lifestyle, work life, future goals, finances and family.
  • Budget, budget and budget! While your wedding is a once-in-a-life-time beautiful event, make sure you stick to your budget so that you can also afford the other things in life.
  • Consult a property professional about your situation and find out your options.

Growing Your Nest Egg

Your career is maturing and work demands are increasing. Although you are earning more money, it sometimes seems it’s even harder to save. Why? As incomes increase, so does taxes. Property investment is known to be an effective way of accessing tax deductions to offset your taxable income. However, buying property shouldn’t just be about reducing your tax payable; it also about growing your wealth.


  • Be clear about your goal for buying property.
  • While rental income is important, a property should always aim to have capital growth in the long term.
  • Consult a financial advisor or accountant about how to maximise the benefits of buying property.
  • Consult a property consultant to help you find a property that fits your overall strategy.

Starting a Family

As your family grows, so will the need for a bigger and more functional home. A bigger breakfast bench, kids retreat area, outdoor entertaining area to fit a trampoline, a yard for pets? Another major consideration is schools as your home address determines which school catchment area you are in.


  • Start making a list of ‘must-have’ and ‘nice-to-have’ for your family home. This keeps you focused on the essential features you need when looking at a home.
  • Plan ahead, plan early.  Finding the right home for your family is no walk in the park so allow yourselves plenty of time to look around to get ideas.
  • Consider building a new home as it allows you a greater level of flexibility and customised options. Remember that list? Perhaps you can even put those ‘nice-to-have’ features in as well!

Empty Nest to Retirement

The kids have grown up and are out of the family home – what’s next? Perhaps it’s time to downsize or change up your environment. Enjoy this time of freedom and focus on what you want heading into retirement. Remember those hobbies you had and the things you have always wanted to do? Just do it.


  • Consult a financial planner or mortgage specialist about accessing the equity in your existing property.
  • Consider swapping the large cumbersome yard for high rise views, lifestyle or better location.
  • Don’t rush or take your decision lightly. It might pay to rent for awhile and ease into the new lifestyle.
  • Consider mobility and convenience in another 10 years – think lifts over stairs; walking instead of driving to shops.

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