Research & Insights


Population growth is one of the key property drivers that affect housing demand. It is predicted that Brisbane’s population will double to 4.6 million by 2031 – only 15 years away. So we look at the research around factors and market activities that influence population growth as it affects gains in property values and future stock on market.


Government spendings, planned projects and approvals, infrastructure investment and urban renewal programs within certain areas is key to understanding the future prospects of a suburb. Infrastructure influences people’s lifestyles and adds to the cultural and commercial environment. Buying property close to new commercial precincts with leading brands and companies means there would be a surge in employment and economic activity in the area. We aim to use this information to our advantage when choosing where to buy property.

Employment & Economy

A healthy economy leads to healthy employment rates.  There’s two sides to employment: population and income. People go to where the jobs are so the more jobs in the area, the greater the demand for housing. When more people are employed, the greater the disposable income in the household.  We look to the macro-economic trends and statistical facts to find clues on where and how to invest.

Suburb Profile

Zooming in on the specific suburb’s profile is also an important part of the property selection equation. Local amenities like shopping centres, parks and entertainment, schools, demographics, property statistics such as median prices, average days on market and vacancy rates will give us a thorough understanding of what’s actually happening in the location. We also look at census data to see the fluctuation in population within a suburb to find out if people are moving in or out of the suburb.

Development Activities

By looking at the level of development activity in the area, we can start to see what the suburb will look like, the kinds of people it will attract and available amenities in 2-5 years time once the projects are complete.  Each year, many proposals are submitted to council for development approval. What’s relevant are those that are actually approved and timeframe for construction to begin. In addition to research data, we speak to related industry service providers such as townplanners, architects and marketers to gain further insights into the project development.

Supply and Demand

In basic economics, demand refers to how much of a product or service is desired by buyers. Supply represents how much the market can offer.  In property, there are much more intricacies involved in this equation which directly affects the pricing in the market.  The kinds of factors considered when looking at the supply and demand in a particular city or suburb, we look at the particular type of property, affordability, interest rates and population growth. 

Selection Criteria

Developer’s Vision

Before selecting a project, we interview the developer because the success of a project is very much dependant on the developer’s vision, their integrity, their attention to detail and giving value back to the buyer.

Architecture & Design

To ensure your investment preserves its value in the long run and holds resale value, we review architectural design such as building orientation, views and aspects, floorplans, landscaping, active spaces and amenities, size and street appeal.  Property should be a long term investment so we believe that a solid investment aims for timeless design that is practical and liveable.

Finishes & Inclusions

Good design requires meticulous execution and quality materials to match. In making sure you compare apples with apples, we look at the finishes of the building including the foundation, flooring, brands and durability of products, materials used in kitchen and wet areas.  Inclusions are fixtures and other items that are included in the purchase price. The list of inclusions differ from project to project so it is important to look at the details.

Value for Money

Determining value for money requires a thorough understanding of the costs of development and building materials, products available on the market, and the property market. Our goal is to make sure you are buying a property that is fairly priced and making sure you are getting what you paid for.