Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance quality of life through empowering home ownership. We inspire people to contribute to the betterment of their communities by creating beautiful, functional living spaces.

We believe that your home is the heart of your family. It is where memories are created and a safe space where you belong. Our mission as a developer is to create homes that you would be proud to own.

Whether it is your first home, investment, or your next family residence, we want to grow with you and be part of your journey. We work with you to understand your needs and deliver products that exceed your expectations through The Acchoir Experience.

The Acchoir Experience

The Acchoir Experience is what you should expect upon each interaction you have with us.  It encompasses our approach, know-how, best practices and mindset.  Whether we are designing our homes, selecting projects to market, hosting events, or participating in a community activity, we always have The Acchoir Experience in mind.


Our Customers: Our Heroes

Our vision and passion cannot be achieved without our customers.  Our commitment to value delivery, building long-lasting relationships and bettering lives enables us to create the ultimate Acchoir Experience. We have culminated experience across government, corporate, legal, finance and engineering sectors so that we are agile whilst staying closely connected to the industry.  We strive to create more opportunities for face-to-face engagement with our customers not only to listen to their needs, but to also educate, inspire and help achieve their goals. We are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers when they ultimately achieve their goals. 

We believe in doing the right thing in every aspect of our business by having a united team that shares our vision and aspirations. As ethics and professionalism are both prime values of Acchoir, our team is fully supported as they make the right decisions by living in our brand’s values. 

It is our promise to our customers is that all interactions with us are always authentic, with integrity, personal and professional.  We invest in training and developing our people to deliver excellence every time.


Our People: Our Ambassadors

We aim to inspire our people to live a happy and fulfilling life so they can in turn, inspire people around them to do the same, including our customers.  The way our people lead by example makes them the best ambassadors for our brand. The realisation that work and life blends together has steered us towards focus on providing the one thing that leads to happiness: freedom.  While freedom can take many forms, what we aspire for as a company is to provide it in the form of flexible working arrangements and environment, encouraging creativity and trusting in their talents and abilities to deliver results. Ultimately, we endeavour to provide our company as a platform for our people to achieve financial freedom through property investments.

Our promise is that we strive to empower our people with knowledge, invest time in understanding them as individuals and listen to their views and ideas.  


Our Communities: Our Responsibility

The communities we reside in, play in, work in and interact with are a significant influence on our quality of life. Our communities are our neighbours, the hip cafes, the charming florist, the local sports club, and the neighbourhood parks.  The existence of these businesses not only brings people together and provides a sense of belonging, it adds to the overall value of a suburb. We encourage individuals to be actively engaged with their respective communities, to support and participate in the betterment of them.

As developers, we are accountable to the communities so will strive to create homes that adds value to the local area, business and residents. We see it as our responsibility to deliver projects that enhances the streetscape, creates a positive vibe and something the community can be proud of.

Our promise to our communities is that we will continuously support and promote local businesses and initiatives. We will ensure that what we do will create a positive impact to the community.

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